Bedding machines

Bedding hay, straw and silage. Material to spread in round and square bales.

Hydraulic operated rear lifting door for picking up a bale onto the chain conveyor. Material moves forward to separating cylinder. This part of EVO COMFORT, specially adapted for proper chopping, dispends material into chimney throwing system. The loose material is spread to a final point of bed precisely, by setting position of the chimney thanks to pistons. Horizontal range of 220° and vertical adjustments as well. Material is spread both sides.

The machine is operated with solenoid, via control panel. Buttons to control machine are doubled at the rear side for easy loading of material to chop. EVO COMFORT is capable to load on it up to 3 bales at one time.

EVO COMFORT is faster and more precise way of bedding and gives even 50 % of saving comparing to manual work!

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Technical specifications

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