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EVO SPREADER series is designed for operation in heavy conditions. Thanks to single axle system with big ‘tractor’ wheels, EVO manages to work successfully on every field. EVO SPREADER is built to spreader manure, compost, lime or chicken manure. Double bitter adapter gives constant and even spreading and cover on the ground with width of spreading of 12m.

Additional feature is removable adapter what easily convert spreader into trailer with additional side extenders. Special adapter for lime is an option to wide spreading.

EVO SPREADER as well as other ALIMA machines  has been designed and built by group of company engineers, designers and fitters. Our products are combination of great experience and neverending will to achieve perfection.

ALIMA machines consist of  part delivered by top producers in the world.

  • Technical specifications
  • EVO SPREADER SILVER - in zinc version
  • EVO SPREADER CHARGER with sides extenders
  • EVO SPREADER SELFER - with own hydraulic system
  • EVO SPREADER TARGET - with deflectors
  • Accessories
  • Folder

Technical specifications



EVO SPREADER SILVER - in zinc version

Made in the technology of zinc spreaders are available in all so far time capacity, from 6 to 16 tons. The machines are made using zinc coatings complying with the PN-EN ISO 1461, based on the latest technologies and maintaining standards of environmental protection. Hot-dip galvanizing is a modern method of corrosion protection of steel components by applying a zinc coating (immersion of steel structures in a liquid zinc – zinc bath temperature of about 460 ° C). Covering elements of steel by hot dip galvanizing provides long-term corrosion protection – under favorable conditions, even for decades. In addition zinc coating protects surface better than painting because coating is harder, more resistant to abrasion and zink better protects all edges. Not without significance for machines of this type is also raising of protection against striking stones. Galvanizing is not everything. Additional processing of galvanized elements Zinklara method allows you to reduce or delay the formation of white rust, water stains or similar symptoms and getting a shiny, flawless surface. Zinklar coating is applied by dipping, it is placed on a layer of zinc to protect it, so that components become more attractive.

EVO SPREADER CHARGER with sides extenders

Spreaders are used on farms periodically during the year. When fertilizing fields is not necessary, these machines ideally you can use as a trailer. The moving floor causes the unloading of them is simplified and the removable adapter does not disturb the unloading. To increase the volume load breeder can use sides extenders. They allow to transport a greater amount of material such as soilage plants. Extensions can be in different versions: reticulated and full, painted or stainless steel. Easy assembly and disassembly of  sides extenders and the adapter enable changed quickly each spreader  in a discharge trailer.

EVO SPREADER SELFER - with own hydraulic system

Manure Spreader Evo can also have their own hydraulic system, which eliminates the necessity to connect the machine to the tractor, and what important the necessity for mixing spreader’s oil with oil of tractor. Thanks to this solution time needed to prepare the set for working is reduced and the risk of flow the soiled oil to the hydraulic system of the tractor is lower.

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EVO SPREADER TARGET - with deflectors

Manure Spreader Evo is equipped with deflectors which allow to control the direction of spreading of manure. The rear hatch can be opened in the range desired by the machine operator. Thus it can be adjusted range and direction of spreading material.




Evo Spreader can be equipped with weighing systems, allowing for weighing the material accumulated in the container. This allows you to control the dose of fertilizer thrown out by the operator. With this solution, the user can accurately determine the dose of nutrients, which are fed cultivation. Knowing the amount of eg. nitrogen the transferred through manure, can accurately complete this component by using appropriate amounts of fertilizer.




Optional for manure spreaders can choose one of two new types of remote controls his work. The first remote control allows you to adjust the feed rate floor very smoothly in the range from 1 to 99. The small size and the possibility of using the mounted magnet for placing the remote control in the tractor cab on metal significantly increase the convenience of use.

Another model of the remote control is an advanced design that allows control of all elements of the spreader:  on and off work tape, regulate the speed of the feed, raising and lowering the gate to open and close deflectors the spread manure. This allows the operator can control one device from the tractor cab work of all the important elements of the spreader.


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