The A-Lima-Bis Ltd. company has been operating for over twenty years. During those years we have been focused on production and delivery of machinery and equipment for dairy farms and industry including equipment for milk collecting, storage and processing. Moreover, our company is the main supplier of membrane systems and technology for many industrial branches and a producer of high quality whey powder. Additionally, our company owns the production facility that is intensely developed and supported by highly qualified technical and engineering as well as research and planning staff.

That is why, the basis for our actions is the idea that all of our purchasers should be offered the best product at the same time with the staff’s highest level of professionalism and concern. Because of that, we continually concentrate our efforts on our improvement in products and services as well as on constant range differentiation. Apart from that, we also focus on enhancing the level of our staff at the same time remembering about taking into consideration our customers’ needs and expectations.

Motto “MILKY WAY TO SUCCESS” is a direction for our company’s actions.  The main aim of our activity is pursuing for modernization and improvement of technological solutions used on each stage of milk’s production and processing as well as in many industrial branches.   Thanks to that, our customers can derive from it, for example: by saving their time, lowering the costs of obtaining the product or the costs of producing the high quality final product.

The company’s offer is mainly aimed at individual farms, dairy farms, dairy farmers and processors establishment as well as at food-processing plants.

Our devices and dairy products comply with all the local and global quality standards.

Moreover, ALIMA GROUP’s products find purchasers  in whole Europe as well as in many countries all over the world, for instance: Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, England, Colombia, Lithuania, Sweden, Armenia, Libya and China.

For over twenty years our cooperation with the greatest dairy cattle farms, food-processing plants  as well as research institute  in Poland and in the world gives us a huge satisfaction from accomplishing projects. At the same time, it is an inspiration for searching for new solutions in obtaining, preserving and processing milk and for supporting the whole segment of food industry in searching for efficient and energy-saving techniques and technologies in production and packaging.

  • Certificate ISO 9001
  • The structure
  • Our offer
  • Our companies achievements

Certificate ISO 9001

The main goal for our company is to strengthen our status in our customers’ consciousness as a synonym of a company with the highest level of reliability and professionalism.

A-Lima-Bis conducts production based on certificate ISO 9001.


The structure

ALIMA GROUP consists of three companies with their tasks:




Our offer

A-Lima-Bis, as an only one company in Poland, provides technology that is indispensible on each stage of the milk processing. Solutions that we offer support our Customers in feeding animals, raising calves, herd management, equipping milking parlours, collecting and preserving milk as well as supply the food-processing plants in equipment and machinery making the production and packaging of finished products possible. Additionally, we provide a professional support during the machinery and equipment installation and commissioning as well as professional service during and after warranty period.  

Our companies achievements


During the whole history of A-Lima-Bis company it succeeded in getting many awards and distinctions what is a proof of a high quality of products and services offered as well as of a strong and reliable status on the market.

As a confirmation of our Company’s reliability on the market we can present:
– Agricultural and Rural Economy Minister Cup “For outstanding achievements in improving the quality of milk in Poland”;
– Economic Award „The Best Small Enterprise in Wielkopolska” 2002, founded by Marshal of Wielkopolska Voivodeship;
– Distinction The Polagra Success 2003;
– Top Quality Award 2003;
– Gold Medal „New innovative TECHNOLOGY” 2003/2004;
– The title of  An outstanding Exporter 2011, Polish Exporters Society;

The A-Lima-Bis company professionalism was also confirmed by such distinctions:
– Gold Medal Poznań International Fair awarded during TAROPAK 2002 Trades;
– Medal of Country’s Dairy Cooperative Agreement “For the high quality and trade values of milk refrigeration tanks type ALSW”;
– Novelty Emblem for the product  Milking robot Galaxy Starline, International Fair of Cattle 2009;
– Novelty Emblem for the product Fodder cart Alimamix Evolution, International Fair of Cattle 2010;
– Gold Medal Poznań International Fair 2010 for a UF membrane filtration plant for cheese production from acidified milk by using UF method, POLARGA-TECH 2010;
– Novelty Emblem for the product  spreader Evo Spreader, International Fair of cattle 2011;
– Gold Medal Poznań International Fair 2011 for product Milking Parlour type Carousel, Cattle Farm 2011;

Business Cheetah 2013 – A-LimaBis was Gepard Biznesu 2013 title was awarded based on analysis of financial position 70,000 companies.

Quality 2013 – prize for diet mixer.

– The best in Poland for diet mixer and membrane technology.

– Gold Medal for the Evo Comfort and Evo Cargo International Fair of Cattle 2015.

Safe machine diet mixer wagon A-LimaBis XXIII safest machine on Agricultural Agricultural Fair 2015 Bratoszewice

– Gold Medal for the Evo Spreader International Fair of Cattle 2016.

Our Company’s President Mr.Tadeusz Łuczak achievements are also very highly appreciated by the numerous titles and honours donated him lately:
– Outstanding  Agricultural Businessman of Republic of Poland 2009;
– People of Agricultural Success, ‘Agro Biznes Klub’ Society;
– Honorary Medal „Words teach-examples attract” 2011,  ‘Hipolit Cegielski Name Society, Food Producer Corporation-Quality promotion club’.

Agrolaur A-LimaBis received AgroLaur Freedom of Poland award for the best companies in the agro sector in 2015