Nowadays milk production requires more and more precision and accuracy. Constantly increasing quality requirements, rapidly increasing costs related to milk production, relation of the milk price to the situation on the global markets force the breeders to continuously increase the production and the same time optimizing it. One of the possible solutions is enlarging the herd but the farmers have to remember that  at the same time we are increasing the costs related to the production and not necessarily automatically improve profitability taking into account that the biggest part of the cost is feeding. So the question raises “What to in such a situation?” Nowadays the situation at the global market forces farmers to optimize their milk production. When we will manage to achieve it , then enlarging of the herd has got more sense because it leads to increase profits. The breeders have already known that focusing only on maximizing production doesn’t bring expected results because high yielding cows requires special treatment that allows to avoid many problems that usually increase with high yield. Quite often with the support of experience feeding advisor farmers are able to get quickly to high milk production but the same time many problems occur as higher somatic cell counts, mastitis, metabolic disorders, fertility problems etc. Since we know that these problems exist and will occur with different intensity the following question raises “How to diagnose these problems early and effectively?” the answer to the question and the same time one of the most important tools for solving such a problems is computerized herd management system. A very good solution in this aspect is Afimilk system, which is distributed in Poland only by Alima-Bis.

Afimilk system is a professional tool allowing effective management of milking cows herd, at the same time it is user friendly and the same easy for operation. It is modular system what allows for easy adjusting the system to individual needs of each farmer and easy enlarging in future.

So much information in one drop of milk

Profitable milk production at dairy farms, independently from the size, depends on precise management. Knowledge about each cow, her health or production is a bases for precise management.

Automatic gathering of the data is the only way allowing for creating real data base about animals and the whole farm – this is exactly Afimilk!

Afimilk connects all the sensors collecting data about production, yield and production efficiency and send them to AfiFarm program. Registered data are being analyzed and presented via the reports required by the breeder. Afimilk supplies information and analysis about production, health, fertility etc., allows for better control and the same time for maximizing profits.

  • AfiAct - heat detection
  • AfiLab - milk components control
  • AfiWeigh - automatic cows weighing
  • AfiSort - automatic cows separation
  • AfiFeed - Individual Feeding
  • Silent Herdsman

AfiAct - heat detection


AfiAct is an independent system used for automatic heat detection. It is also used for heat detection for heifers as a part completing AfiMilk system. It can be a very solid base for further development to full management system. In the situation where the breeder has not got financial resources for purchasing full system at once it could be a good solution that doesn?t require large investment and the payback time is quite short. Additionally implementing such a system gives full software advantages of the complete Afimilk system and easily can be upgraded.

AfiAct finds cows in heat based on the increase in their walking activity. The main part of the system is id tag (pedometer) that is small and durable device including two functions at once: identification of each cow in the herd and counting of the steps, that represents cow?s activity level.

The latest solution in this aspect Pedometer Plus significantly enlarge farmer?s management abilities by additional parameters as lying time, frequency of getting up and lying down etc. Thanks to such a system we can easily follow cow comfort (animals welfare is one of the basic elements leading to better production results and better health), take a decisions related to barn management (changing of the bedding material, starting the cows cooling system etc.), get an information about the expected time of calving and get early alerts about many health problems. Additionally more parameters further increase accuracy of the heat detection system.
The researches proved that there is direct connection between cow’s heat with her physical activity. Practical confirmation of the thesis is more than a million pedometers used in different farms all over the world. By the measurement of the cow?s activity AfiAct system indicate optimal time for insemination and the same making the fertility management easier and better.

AfiAct system significantly increases fertility indexes of the herd by the precise heat detection allowing reduction of the days in milk (lowering the number of waste days).


04Heat detection module AfiAct is designed in such a way to be adjusted to different situations in the farm and it is good for both closed and pasture housing.

AfiAct system generates many reports related to fertility and heat. Events related to increased activity may be also presented in graphic form as on the below graph.


AfiLab - milk components control


NEW!!! The system allows to register milk parameters as: protein, fat, lactose, information about the estimated level of somatic cell counts, information about blood in milk. The system registers above mentioned parameters during each milking session for each individual cow without using any chemical reagent, it is a system that doesn’t require any maintenance. Data retrieved from the system is very helpful for early diagnosing many metabolic disorders as ketosis or acidosis, it is helpful for udder health issues, for analysis of feeding strategy and many other aspects.




AfiWeigh - automatic cows weighing

System AfiWeigh is weighing device for daily cows weighing. It is designed as walk over weighing station registering cow’s weight after each milking not interfering cows movement. As a part of complete AfiFarm system, AfiWeigh extends and completes information about each cow and the same supporting decisions related to the herd.

AfiWeigh supplies the following information:
– Cows condition and its changes during lactation.
– Estimation of the condition of cows starting and finishing drying period what is helpful for control and forecast of metabolic problems.
– Estimation of cows condition after calving. It allows to identify cows with proper energy balance, what is a good indication for starting insemination.
– Precise “results” of the feeding strategy. Allows to control how much of the food goes directly for milk production and how much for body fat increase.
And much more…

Below the typical weigh graph during lactation:


AfiSort - automatic cows separation


AfiSort is an automatic separation system that sorts cows going through the gate. System AfiSort may automatically divert the cows coming back from the milking to the barns and / or separate the cows that need special treatment in separated room.

In AfiSort system may set criteria and schemes of the separation and the same to automate “the movement” of the whole herd. AfiSort may currently take a decision about separation based on different parameters and data as fertility, health and other treatment schemes, for veterinary check, insemination, treatment etc.

System AfiSort makes sorting and separation of the cows easy and fast, enlarging management efficiency and lowering the costs.

Thanks to AfiSort:
– Cows for checking will wait for veterinarian in separation room based on scheme of the visits.
– Cows for insemination will wait for inseminator in separation room based on scheme of the visits.
– Cows for treatment or check by the farm manager will wait for him in separation room based on scheme of the treatments.
– For each cow we can print out a report referring to necessary treatments.

Sorting station report shown below.



AfiFeed - Individual Feeding

AfiFeed is an individual feeding system for dairy cows. It is designed in such a way that it calculates and dispenses portions of the food for each cow according to her feeding demands and production potential.

AfiFeed system optimizes feed intake in the herd allowing feeding high yielding cows with an extra amount of concentrates and the same time reducing consumption of concentrates for low yielding cows which results in maximizing proportions of consumption comparing to production potential.

Thanks to AfiFeed:
– We may improve “efficiency” of feed allowance in the herd, the same increasing total milk production in the herd.
– Reduction of total concentrate consumption in the herd.

AfiFeed system may be implemented for all kinds of feeding systems – independent system, TMR and pasture. If we are using TMR system, we can design a simple and cost effective base formula and complete it with individual concentrate amount per each individual cow. And in case of pasture system AfiFeed completes the value of the green food with concentrates in case of optimizing portion per each cow.

– Increases effectiveness of milk production and the same increases income.
– Optimizes usage of concentrates at each stage of lactation.
– Helps to prevent metabolic problems occurring due to unbalanced feeding.

AfiFeed gives the following opportunities of dispensing the food:
– Manual: user defines individual allowance for each cow.
– Automatic: user can enter unlimited number of parameters for feed calculation, according:
– Milk production
– Days in milk
– Pregnancy days
– Body weight
– Cow’s condition (to improve the condition during lactation)
– Lactation number
– Any combination of above parameters
– And much, much more…

AfiFeed allows creating different menus based on decision of the user or based on “achievements” of the cow. All automatic menus recalculates every day allowance for each cow, so according to allowance curve.

AfiFeed reports
“Consumption deviation report” presents cows that haven’t eaten complete designed portion. It may indicate some kind of health problems, heat symptoms, location change (wrong group) etc.

Lactation graphs and data allow comparing cows and the same previous lactations of individual cow. Amount of consumed food may be:
– Monitor for the whole lactation,
– Compared to calculated food,
– Compared to other parameters (production, weight etc.).

Silent Herdsman

Silent Herdsman complements Afimilk’s popular AfiAct II product line with unique functionality and powerful features based on new technology.

Estrus detection is serious business in the dairy industry, as cows must be bred regularly in order to keep producing milk. Each additional day a cow remains “open” can cost a dairy producer up to $7 in reduced profitability. Detecting health problems early is also important, as prompt treatment can significantly reduce costs associated with lost production, involuntary culling or cow death.

Silent Herdsman is a patented, neck-mounted cow monitoring system, developed with Scottish Government support, that detects estrus and health problems based on cow activity, rumination and eating patterns. Data is transmitted wirelessly from the collar via a base station to a central computer on the farm that issues alerts for changes indicating estrus or illness. Alerts are also sent via the cloud to smart phones and tablets. Producers are able to spend less time directly observing the herd and more time breeding and treating cows automatically identified by the system. Silent Herdsman is currently installed in hundreds of dairy farms throughout Europe.

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