Galaxy Astrea 20.20


Proven technology based on industrial robotic arm.


Modern agriculture becomes inextricably associated with the latest available technologies. No doubt this is an area of life that can change , adapting to the needs of agriculture and cows with solutions and inventions known from other fields.

Milking robot Galaxy Astrea is based on the industrial arm, which in the course of many years of work has proved its superiority over other available milking equipment on the market. In barns placed all over the world are already working more than 1,500 Galaxy Astrea milking robots. High sophisticated technology of industrial arm provides a high degree of reliability. Robotic milking arm is the most advanced and latest technology which sets the basis on which farmer can fully rely on.

Only in Galaxy Astrea milking robot during milking process there are no metal elements of the milking arm , except of the milking cups – a unique solution guarantees greater security of cows , reduces the risk of injury of cows legs with metal robot parts and thus reduces stress. Galaxy Astrea milking robot is undeniably unique milking solution. A combination of a new generation of advanced laser and scanning technology are responsible for one of the fastest on the market mechanisms for an efficient and gentle attachment of teat cups.

  • Characteristic
  • Feeding cows and milk box in one
  • The unique steam cleaning system
  • Tools for complete control over the quality of milk
  • MRS
  • Free cow traffic, focus on care of the animals
  • Sheep-run
  • Increased milk production
  • Flexible management
  • Installation and assembly
  • Robust construction, hygiene and safety
  • Pre-cooling of milk
  • The buffer tank
  • SATURNUS 20.20 - herd management system and operation of robotic milking
  • TIM 20.20 Farm Control
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GALAXY ASTREA milked a cow in a manner most similar to the natural. The milking process is divided into four phases:

Stage I – Cleaning teats and udder stimulation: preparing the udder for milking robot special cup pre-milking teats are washed, dried, and it seems the first stream of milk. The special design of the teat cup before-exactly massaging every single teat, causing a release of oxytocin in the body of the animal. This hormone facilitates obtaining milk from the cow. It should be noted that the teat cup is pre-cleaned, every time milked art, to prevent the transmission of the potential of infection to other cows.

Stage II – Milking the right: taking into account individual parameters of milking animals.

Stage III – Removing milking: This is done individually for each teat on the basis of the analysis of the flow of milk.

Stage IV – Pumping milk: Depending on the quality of the milk is transported to the cooler or separated into a special tank sanitary.

Feeding cows and milk box in one

Cow decides when he wants to find milked, and the central position of the robot and the ease of access to the milking station, without paying attention to belonging to a group of technology allows completely free milking system. Spacious milk box with a rubber mat on the floor ensures maximum comfort cows. Feed station can dispense up to 3 different types of roughage. The appropriate dose is carried out automatically by means of specialized nutritional programs available from within the software to manage the herd SATURNUS.


The unique steam cleaning system

At the time of milking one of the most important elements is hygiene. Offered as standard equipment system steam cleaning teat cups kills microorganisms without the use of harsh chemicals. This ensures optimum safety for udder health, prevent the transmission of diseases between cows and ensures the maintenance of high-quality milk produced. After each milking, the teat cups are automatically cleaned with hot steam provided by steam cleaning system. The advantages of such a system are: high efficiency, low cleaning costs, and reducing negative environmental impacts.

Tools for complete control over the quality of milk

Robot Galaxy ASTREA analyzing the color of milk, detects and separates it contains even a small amount of blood or milk with parameters below the set standard. Conductivity is measured separately for each udder quarter in order to ensure the highest reliability of the quality control of milk and other elements related to udder health. Lower quality milk is transported in special containers sanitation. Using the new management program Saturnus, breeder may separate the milk on the basis of individual choice.


MRS – system to record the movements of cows – to accurately track the activity and movement of each cow. Located at the foot of the transponder records the data, so that herd management system SATURNUS helps determine the ideal time for insemination. Besides, the MRS can also be used as a key source of information about the general condition and health of the cattle.

Free cow traffic, focus on care of the animals

No stress, all the animals have full freedom of movement. Automatic milking milk performed by the robot ASTREA is free from the pressure and stress, all the animals to join the milk box when they feel like it. Animal welfare and maximum milk production is the result of a simple concept that can be applied in each barn. Whether we focus on quick and easy-to-use and maximum comfort cows, ASTREA can be used in any type of barn.


Using the improved gate selection and specific settings nutrition grazing in the SATURNUS in a very easy way we can manage paddocks cows on pasture.

Increased milk production

The use of automatic milking system increases production by approx. 10%. This is the result min. the freedom of the milking animals in the field. This increases the number of milkings a day and this results in an increase in milk production.

Flexible management

You can plan your day as you want. You are no longer tied to hours of milking. The time saved will allow for greater monitoring of the herd in order to optimize production and increase profit. You have more time for yourself and your family – the main daily activity, which is milking the cows took over the Galaxy ASTREA.

Installation and assembly

Installation of fully automated milking system has never been so simple. Only lines transporting milk and feed and water supply and energy must be made separately. Everything else has been assembled and connected in the factory. Furthermore, the manufacturer performs highly accurate tests before the robot will be approved for sale. Restrictive standards on the production line guarantee highest product quality. Also in the future, a very simple and quick movement will be done in another place after eg. The expansion of the barn.

Robust construction, hygiene and safety

ASTREA is in a class of its own thanks to robust design based on durable materials, such as: easy to clean stainless steel. To ensure long-term work done in your barn, in chemically aggressive environment, we use only the highest quality materials. Knowing the mechanical stress to which the robot will be exposed in the course of work, the amount of plastic components been limited to a minimum. Metal parts spacious milk box have been made in such a way that prevents injury to the cow.

Pre-cooling of milk

Pre-cooling the milk offered by INSENTEC enables efficient energy saving. Milk before it reaches the proper schładzalnik gives off its heat, cold tap water. The heated water can be used for watering or system odpajania calves. Pre-chilled milk hitting the tank reduces the operating time chillers. Pre-cooling can be easily installed at a later point during the lifetime of the robot.

The buffer tank

Thanks to the buffer tank ASTREA can work smoothly without interruption even during the milk collection and cleaning cold. Such solutions can improve the performance of the automatic milking system.

SATURNUS 20.20 - herd management system and operation of robotic milking

SATURNUS 20.20 is a modern and extremely user-friendly program that allows professional and comprehensive herd management and operation of the milking robot GALAXY ASTREA.

Comprehensive collection of information about the cows is the key to success in modern farming

By collecting all the information about the individual members of the flock, the farmer SATURNUS 20.20 facilitates implementation of daily challenges and helps to make the right decisions.

The program combines the functions of multiple tools, regardless of whether we want to improve milk yield of cows, optimize nutrition, sorting, heat detection and insemination, early detection of diseases and make economic analysis. All data are presented in a very transparent manner and integrated in one program.

SATURNUS 20.20 for a program that allows you to control processes such as:

Daily events
ist of activities
Data f lock:
–  i
nformation about the cows
–  f
amily tree
Analysis of milk production
milk yield
– d
eviations in parameters of milk
Analysis of fertility
– a
nalysis insemination
– a
nalysis of fertility
– e
ffective heat detection
reports bulls
– e
arly detection of disease
– t
he report medication use
– a
nalysis slaughter
– l
ist of diseases
– c
alculation feed individual / on group / on herd
reports consumption
– d
eviations in consumption
The amount of feed silos
Milk collection
– d
ata on the composition of milk
– a
nalysis for the desired period
– p
rofit for milk
feeding costs
treatment costs
profit forecast
anaging robot
– s
– s
eparation of milk and animals


TIM 20.20 Farm Control

TIM 20.20 is a modern controller allows comprehensive management of the farm.

TIM 20.20 is a mathematical genius – is the first system that translates all the information internal and external, local and international friendly on the eye and easy to read and interpret the data for the farmer.

Each farmer can set individual performance monitors, which the system uses to present their performance – in a very clear way. Consequently, the system can respond immediately to any variations in production. With TIM 20.20 farmer has the ability to directly connect and share all the information m. In. the supplier of feed or a feed mixer, and also have permanent control over the health and fertility of animals. For everyday tasks of the TIM 20.20 should immediately alerting the farmer of any deviations, both in animal behavior as well as in the operation of the milking robot. Alarms and notifications are sent difficulties m. In. phone or PDA, and they can be integrated with a webcam.